Monday, July 6, 2009

Second No Luck Needed Game-A-Thon

There is an interesting news from Game-A-Thon tournament session-2 is coming soon in this July. The tournaments gives you pleasure, fun with cash winning opportunities.

Coming soon in this July 2009, this is another free tournament starting from 13 of July to 16 July 2009. These casino tournaments are free for all the members. If you are not the member, then hurry and join free. The top 5 players over all the games will win $100 cash prize each. The type of games featured at the tournaments is Blackjack21, Video Poker, Keno, Bonus Bingo, roulette, Pyramid Slot and Dolphin Delight Slots.

These are the attractions of tournaments with the exciting prizes for all. As this is no luck-needed tournament. There is a $500 free cash prize to win. There is free entry in to the tournament and you can win real money. There is a first prize of $50 for overall Game-A-Thon winner.


Belicia Dove said...

A-Thon is one of the most favorite games of mine. As you have mentioned that no luck needed to play it. So, i like to play all of the online casino games of such category.

treds said...
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treds said...

hmm really the nice stuff and having the strong arguments with facts and figures and i really like to play this game but never have the chance to win so i must try my level best to win it at this time because the thing is my area of interest in the games is toward tummy and willing to play poker but this must encourage me to try it asap.