Friday, March 27, 2009

A jackpot of £100,000 shoveled by an online casino gamer!

On March 4th, 2009 a player won big at St Albans with Kerching Casino and so can you.
2009 turning out lucky for casino players turning into winners of jackpots, a prize of over £100,000 was one by a player , overwhelmed and celebrating the win.
The lucky jackpot winner was a 40-year old man who was on his office break and betted a 3x on one puzzle game.
St Albans gave the lucky man an impressive £36,489 sum for each pound he staked, when the 6 symbols matched on the online casino puzzle, he betted over.
Winning £109,467, in total the more than happy player said, he was stunned by the winnings and tried to save the picture on the screen but due to lack of IT skills got forbidden from doing so, he even said this couldn’t have come at a better time than this one.
An array of games making you win life-changing jackpots, are proffered by Kerching Casinos.
The progressive online casino fruit machine, Cleopatra Mega Jackpots stands as one such example where you can win a jackpot of over £1.5 million.
Free spins Bonus and 20 paylines are the ecstasy of this Antique Egyptian online casino fruit game. The scatter of a 3 sphinx symbol triggers the Spins Bonus, which can be used to win an amount of £1.5 million as jackpot, on one maximum bet, at a time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pachislo slot machines, a “skill stop” game!

Like the slot machines used in US, the Pachislo machines manufactured in Japan are much less priced and are used commonly at Japanese casinos. Utilized for two years and then winded up for resale the same are even sold in US. After use, the machines are cleaned, painted and completely renovated, for reselling. Sold from anywhere between $100 or up, they are fine bargains, quiet cheaper than the traditional slots sold for more than a $1000 mostly. Accepting tokens in place of coins, the Pachislo slot machine are made this way and a sack of tokens is made available with every machine you buy. “Skill Stop” game, Pachislo machines are so named due to the feature of pressing a button every time you start or end the spinning of each reel. The maximum payout being set by the operator, skill is not something you can win by in this game, beating a Pachislo slot machine is all the more tougher than beating a traditional slot machine. Although illegal in some states, owning the machine is legalized in most of the states. So, finding out whether the same is legalized in your area or not, is better before actually purchasing the machine. Made up of “slots” and “pachinko”, literally Pachislo means a cross between the slots and the pin balls.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Casino currency- Casino token

A casino token commonly serves as checks, cheques or chips. It is a small discs used instead of currency in casinos. Colored metal and molded clay tokens of different quantity are used mainly in table games, and metal token coins used mainly in slot machines.
Some other casinos are use gaming plaque for high betting table games like $25,000 and above. A plaque is varying from chips and that is bigger, generally rectangular in shape and has serial numbers.
Money is replaced for tokens in a casino at the gambling table, casino cage, or at a cashier location. The tokens are exchangeable with money at the casino. This usually has no price out of the casino, and in Las Vegas, some casinos may credit chips from other casinos.
Many casinos are removing the use of metal tokens in support of paper receipts or pre-paid cards, which as need of heavy infrastructure expenditure to install, reducing the jamming problem, and the coin handling expenses encounter in machines that take tokens or coins. Tokens are in use of various reasons. They are more suitable to use other than currency also difficult to make theft.
Lastly, the tokens are measured to be an essential element of the casino atmosphere, and change them with some exchange currency would be not accepted.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keno games

Casino games are becoming popular all over the world, with diverse regions incorporating diversified versions in the rules and format of the game. Many new clones, of the original bingo game have evolved, and one of the most popular varieties is the Keno Games. It is a lottery like bingo game, which is very popular in most casinos, and gambling halls.

Keno differs from the original game of bingo. The prize money involved is usually very high and not fixed. The evolution of the original Keno game can be traced back to the Hun Dynasty of China. Immigrant Chinese had been credited with popularizing the game of Keno in the US.
In keno, the player has to choose any number, from 1 to 20 and marks it on his keno ticket. The keno ticket has 80 numbers. At the end of the day the casino draws out randomly 20 numbers. The payment depends upon the players’ original wager, and the total matching numbers. The casino house advantage varies from 4% to 66%.

The word Keno means five in Latin. Legend has it, that Keno money helped to finance the building of the Great Wall of China, along with the money from the sales of lottery. The game became so popular in China that results of Keno were sent to distant cities by carrier pigeons. In the early nineteenth century, many Chinese immigrated to America to work for the American Transcontinental Railroad. The Chinese introduced the game of keno in America and it became an instant success.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Online Casino Blackjack

online casino
These day’s online casinos have become so famous with available wide range of games which confuse you to decide the right game among all. Some casinos would recommend great casino bonus promotions to attract more and more new casino players, from no deposit casino bonuses to special High Rollers bonuses.

Some are taking care of their online customer support language options, their games, mode of payments, free phone numbers to help them in solving their customer’s queries, games strategy lessons, news letters as well as the live casino dealers. Even though it is also possible for you to watch free strip shows.

One of the most significant you need to keep in your mind is that you should always find a right game where you can beat the casino. No doubt, blackjack is the game which gives you and advantage over the casino, that depends of the rules and casino bonus offers.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Casino Careers Online

online casino
World's largest gaming employment center could be found at casino careers online, which offers you a safe and a trouble-free avenue for the would be Candidates who are looking for career prospects and development in the gambling industry.

It offers you the recruitment resources and services to be a part of the gaming-hospitality industry. It also enables one to submit their resume free in a secure Internet database, in "open access" or "confidential" format.

Here the resume databases can be accessible by the Corporate Members and post jobs on an unlimited basis, or to buy Job Posting/Resume Grabber qualifications. A Position description will explain job posting along with the company contact information and hyperlinks to the company's email address and web site.