Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonus Codes at Casinos

If you choose to play casino games, than you can put more money and play. You can also use this as a chance to try a new game that you may worry about risk on real money. If you do not like casino games you can move on with no money loss. If possible, you will try your luck and come with good money and without any investment.
Before sign up at online casino, you should look for the no deposit bonus codes. When you enter on the no deposit casino code, you have to register an account, after that you can access in the free money to play online casino games.

Using Free casinos
Another way to play casino is taking benefits of the free play bonuses, which is offered, by the casinos. These kind of free casinos bonuses give you many free casino chips to play for a particular amount of time, for an hour or so. This is a good way to be familiar with the casino and it offers you to win some real money. It is a good idea to understand the terms and conditions before sign up for free play bonus.
Make yourself at home. You will get the tools and the money and rest is up to you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Casino War Game

Casino War is very simple casino game. The game is constructed on the same theme of children’s game of War. The main aim of this game is to beat the dealer. The game is easy to play as compare to other casino card games, but it also has a large house edge as compare to other. In this game, the dealer gets a card and the highest card wins.

The game is generally played with six standard cards of 52 card decks. The cards are graded in the same way as the cards graded in poker games, except the Aces (as Aces are always high). The suits make no difference.

After the player have betted, the dealer and player gets on card. Then the player compared their card with the dealer card. If the dealer card is higher than the player lose his bet and if the player card is higher than he or she wins the total amount to his bet.

If there is the event of tie than the player has two options;

• The first, is to surrender and sacrifice the half bet,
• And the second, go to War with dealer

If the player decided to go to war he should increase his betting amount as equal to his original amount. The dealer will after that burn three cards and give the player one card and another for himself. If player win, the original bet is returned also increase wins one to one. If the dealer wins, players lose all the bets.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No deposit casino

Whether you are a serious casino player or just playing for fun, no deposit casino is a great way to get into the real money action at the trusted and respected online gambling world.
Many online casinos, no deposit casino gives great deal to attract the gamblers and gives them opportunity to play for real money without making a deposit and without any risk.
It is like dollar shrimp and dollar beer promos in Vegas and you can also compare it with “free drinks those cocktail waitresses get for you when you are playing at mortar and brick casino. It is a kind of difficult to suggest such a deal in online casinos.
Some casinos offer you a no deposit casino to be well known with their software and give information about playing casinos in their sites. Because it does not cost you anything, you may also give a shot.