Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keno games

Casino games are becoming popular all over the world, with diverse regions incorporating diversified versions in the rules and format of the game. Many new clones, of the original bingo game have evolved, and one of the most popular varieties is the Keno Games. It is a lottery like bingo game, which is very popular in most casinos, and gambling halls.

Keno differs from the original game of bingo. The prize money involved is usually very high and not fixed. The evolution of the original Keno game can be traced back to the Hun Dynasty of China. Immigrant Chinese had been credited with popularizing the game of Keno in the US.
In keno, the player has to choose any number, from 1 to 20 and marks it on his keno ticket. The keno ticket has 80 numbers. At the end of the day the casino draws out randomly 20 numbers. The payment depends upon the players’ original wager, and the total matching numbers. The casino house advantage varies from 4% to 66%.

The word Keno means five in Latin. Legend has it, that Keno money helped to finance the building of the Great Wall of China, along with the money from the sales of lottery. The game became so popular in China that results of Keno were sent to distant cities by carrier pigeons. In the early nineteenth century, many Chinese immigrated to America to work for the American Transcontinental Railroad. The Chinese introduced the game of keno in America and it became an instant success.

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