Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pachislo slot machines, a “skill stop” game!

Like the slot machines used in US, the Pachislo machines manufactured in Japan are much less priced and are used commonly at Japanese casinos. Utilized for two years and then winded up for resale the same are even sold in US. After use, the machines are cleaned, painted and completely renovated, for reselling. Sold from anywhere between $100 or up, they are fine bargains, quiet cheaper than the traditional slots sold for more than a $1000 mostly. Accepting tokens in place of coins, the Pachislo slot machine are made this way and a sack of tokens is made available with every machine you buy. “Skill Stop” game, Pachislo machines are so named due to the feature of pressing a button every time you start or end the spinning of each reel. The maximum payout being set by the operator, skill is not something you can win by in this game, beating a Pachislo slot machine is all the more tougher than beating a traditional slot machine. Although illegal in some states, owning the machine is legalized in most of the states. So, finding out whether the same is legalized in your area or not, is better before actually purchasing the machine. Made up of “slots” and “pachinko”, literally Pachislo means a cross between the slots and the pin balls.

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