Friday, June 26, 2009

Decision for Casino gambling at Kentucky racetracks

The subject of merging casino-style gambling and video slots at Kentucky’s racetracks to implement in moral hair splitting is on highlight this week. Political involvement, extraordinary interests and moral showboats have been prevalent in this discussion meeting. The suggestion to include additive to the lottery, a form of gambling, to another forms of gambling is absurd.

However, the debate has concluded with some legislative judgment to come up with some new laws in this concern that includes.

• Stop signs are optional every other Thursday.
• Seat belts are only required every other Thursday.
• Advertising “erotic services” on Craigslist is strictly prohibited. Advertising “adult services” is perfectly fine.
• Abstinence education is required, but only for elected officials.
• Speeding is legal for anyone who is more than 15 minutes late for work
• Marijuana may be sold legally, but only to owners of state-approved bongs

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