Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gambling updates from US

As per the recent surveys on US gambling scenario, the situation is much better than before. To develop the entertainment and recreation sources for the Gamblers, many states are undergoing changes. However, online gambling and casinos are still waiting for the Legalization permit. On the other hand, states like Atlantic City, and the Gulf Coast and some other areas outside Las Vegas are providing brick and mortar casinos across the country.

Pennsylvania also got the approval to offer slot parlors and new casinos and they are now readily working to launch some new casino. North Dakota, California, Florida, Illinois are the world famous places and are known for their casinos and gambling clubs throughout the world. Including these States there are almost 40 other states, which are providing legal gambling corners and casinos.

However, people are demanding to include gambling as a part of entertainment and to add casinos in current laws. Some others are demanding a prohibition of smoking in public places and restaurants.

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