Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another casino tournament!

End your search of casino tournaments here. On 15th of July 2009 there is a Blackjack Ace tournament of $2,250. Move to Killer tournament to win your share out of$2,250 in this tournament, successively running on 15th July from 00:00 to 23:59, the casino time.

How to win?
Initial deposit of $50 during the event and play blackjack hand and get enter in to the competition.

What to win?
All those who make the greater number of stakes at the active dates of blackjack tournaments will be the winner of the tournament.
Keep your ears alert as there is something big ahead! The TOTAL MADNESS TOURNAMENT, $16,000 starting from Saturday 18th July, 2009 00:00 and continues till Sunday 26th July ,2009 23:59, the same casino hours but with sizzling prizes to win in that hours.

The Big Game: to win deposit $250 initially and enjoy your favorite game and get enter in to the tournament.
First: $10,000
Second: $5000
Third: $1000
Get enter in to the competition buzz and collect big share on your name and get yourself declare as the winner on making greater number of stakes at the game.

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