Monday, May 25, 2009

New Cryptologic games online

As per the gambling news website another version of online game has recently been launched which is much similar to blackjack. These games are launched as the cryptologic games of 2009.

According to Vice President of CryptoLogic, Justin Thouin, “Our impressive list of branded casual games already includes Bejeweled, Cubis, Sudoku and Jewel Quest. The addition of Jenga strengthens CryptoLogic's position as the premier innovator in Internet casino software.”


This game involves building a tower of wooden bricks, then removing bricks one by one, and placing them back on top of the tower as carefully as possible in an effort to avoid making the whole thing topple over. It’s a simple concept but one that has delighted both kids and adults for decades. The slots version of Jenga has 18 pay lines, and players can choose to play 9 or all 18 lines for a maximum jackpot of 50,000 coins.

4 Deck Atlantic City Blackjack

This online blackjack game has played with four decks and makes use of Atlantic City game rules. The game starts with the dealer, where the dealer gives himself two cards before the players have made their own decisions. The 4 Deck Atlantic City Blackjack game also possess a higher payout percentage than regular eight deck games, but players should note that the minimum bet is also higher.

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