Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black list for the Online Gambling Sites Released

The black list for blocking certain internet casino has been released. Few days back Minnesota demands for the release of the list. Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association published this on their website with a bunch of almost 200 online gambling sites.

iMEGA Representatives also give their statement on the apparently random and carelessness of the list, compiled by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Some well-known gaming sites were left out of the list, while incomprehensible sites that don't even do business in the US are included to the list.

“To propose censoring Minnesota residents’ Web access and not to know which sites are even in the US market makes me wonder just how seriously the DPS is taking this action. It comes off as a half-baked attempt at intimidation rather than thoughtful enforcement,” says Joe Brennan Jr., chairperson of iMEGA.

The list comprises the correspondence to the eleven ISPs contacted and ordered to execute the censorship. The weight of the command is backed by an implied threat contained in a reference to copies of the demand being sent to the Federal Communications Commission.

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