Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Toothless Old Man Walked into a Las Vegas Club

Wearing an old wrinkled suit and a wrinkled sports shirt and carrying a small, old traveling bag, a toothless old man walked into a Las Vegas club a few years ago and started to play 21, betting $200 and $300 a hand.

He would play few minutes at a table win a few hundred dollars lose a couple hundred cash out come back play at another table, and do the same thing over again. Toothless stayed about nine days and never changed his suit. About every three days he would buy a sports shirt at the men's shop. He said he was retired and had homes in California and Florida. At the end of his stay we figured he had lost around $20,000.

Three weeks later here comes Toothless again. Of course this time they gave him a fancy suite. He had on the same old wrinkled suit and one of the sports shirts he had bought on the earlier visit. He started the same procedure: betting $200 and $300, cashing out every few minutes more than a hundred times a day this would go on.

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